Gluten free festive treats from Lovemore Foods

To get me in the Christmas spirit Lovemore Foods kindly sent me a hamper full of festive gluten free goodies to try.

I’ve picked out my three favourite products from the range and selflessly taste-tested them for you guys!

If you’d like to try any of the products yourself head to Lovemore’s website where you can order online or find your nearest stockist.

Genoa Cake

In case you hadn’t noticed there’s less than a week to go til Christmas! Which means it’s most definitely time to bust out this rich Genoa Cake from Lovemore.

I’d never heard of a Genoa Cake before but upon sampling it seems to essentially be Christmas cake but without the icing, which I can totally get on board with.

It’s lovely and moist and packed full of delicious fruit. Probably even counts towards your five a day (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). It’s the perfect cake for Christmas!

Mince Pies


Talking of Christmas, mince pies are pretty much the king of festive treats right? It’s been great to see such a varied choice of gluten free mince pies hitting the supermarket shelves this year. So how do Lovemore’s effort stack up?

Very well actually!  It may just be that I’m slightly obsessed with mince pies but these are so so good! I may even make the bold claim that these are my favourites so far.

The pastry is just perfect and there’s a generous helping of filling, making these a mince pie worthy of eating all year round. That’s totally acceptable behaviour right?

Shortbread Fingers

Now it wouldn’t be Christmas without shortbread would it? And Lovemore have knocked it out of the park with these gluten free shortbread fingers!

I never used to be a massive fan of shortbread when I was growing up. Probably a combination of gluten free shortbread not being the best quality back in the day, and it not quite being sweet enough for my seriously sweet tooth. But recently I’ve developed a liking for it, and this was the best shortbread I’ve ever had by far!

They went down an absolute storm with a cuppa. Seriously, I recommend grabbing yourself a pack for Christmas, you can thank me later.

And there you have it! Three festive treats worthy of gracing any gluten free Christmas. I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and New Year.

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