Gluten free chocolate peanut butter bars

My no bake gluten free chocolate peanut butter bars are super easy to make and taste amazing!

Ever since getting a free Sweet Freedom Choc Pot at the Allergy & Free From Show I’ve been dreaming up creative ways to use it. Because obviously using it as a spread on toast would be far too mainstream.

I love creating things with peanut butter and gluten free oats. Peanut butter is a great source of protein and is naturally gluten free (be sure to always check the labels though!) So, like a genius, I decided I’d make some peanut butter bars and top them with Sweet Freedom’s awesome gluten and dairy free spread.


These bars are filling and contain just enough sweetness to be a delicious treat. They’re great for keeping in the fridge for nibbling on when you get home from work, or as a sneaky breakfast snack!

They’re also dead easy to make and last in the fridge for ages! Here’s the recipe..

Gluten free chocolate peanut butter bars

– 200g peanut butter
– 60g coconut oil
– 30g honey
– 175g gluten free oats
– 30g flaked almonds
– 25g sunflower seeds
– Sweet Freedom Choc Pot spread

–  Add coconut oil to a pan on low heat until melted. Add honey and peanut butter and stir until combined. Set aside to cool.
– Add dry ingredients to a large bowl before adding the peanut butter mixture. Stir well until combined.
– Poor mixture into a square tin and flatten until even.
– Put in the fridge to set.
– Evenly spread chocolate spread (melted chocolate would also work!) over the top then put back in the fridge to set.
– Cut up into pieces and enjoy! Store in the fridge.

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