3 Ways to Eat Nairn’s Apple and Cinnamon Chunky Biscuit Breaks

Please note this post contains gifted products. All views are those of your friendly neighbourhood Coeliac Man.

I’m a big fan of Nairn’s biscuit breaks. They’re one of the staple products that I pick up from the free from aisle, and I always make sure I have a pack (or three) stowed away in my Coeliac Man bag whenever I venture on a day out. The chocolate chip ones are my absolute favourite but all of their flavours are a hit.

When the good folks at Nairn’s got in touch to let me know that they had a new flavour of the chunky version of their biscuit breaks coming soon, I jumped at the chance to try them! The chunky variety have a light crumbly texture, and as their name suggests they’re on the chunky side.

The new Apple and Cinnamon flavour is another winning combination, which is reminiscent of a lovely apple crumble! The spicy cinnamon is also a classic wintery flavour, and is sure to get you in the festive spirit. What’s more, they contain 50% less sugar than the average gluten free sweet biscuit!

Here’s three Coeliac Man-approved ways you can enjoy them:

With a cuppa

I mean, if you’re going to call your biscuits ‘chunky’ then they’re practically begging to be dunked right?

I’m pleased to report these pass the dunk test with flying colours. A cup of tea and a biscuit is a combination almost as perfect as Batman and Robin, fish and chips or Leighton Baines and Steven Pienaar (don’t @ me). And if you’re looking for the perfect biscuit to dunk in your cuppa, you won’t go far wrong with these.

On a day out

Every coeliac will know that packing your own snacks is essential if you’re going on a day out to anywhere that isn’t the free from aisle of your local supermarket. Getting caught without gluten free goodies in an unfamiliar place is not ideal. As the old saying goes, fail to prepare, prepare to get hangry when you can’t find any gluten free treats!

The Nairn’s Chunky Biscuit Breaks are perfect for a snack on the go. Each pack contains three biscuits, and thanks to their low sugar content you can destroy all three without having to feel guilty about it. Not that you should feel guilty for eating biscuits under any circumstances really, but it’s always a nice bonus when they’re not too unhealthy!

As a breakfast topping

Ever have those mornings when you reach for the granola only to find you’re down to the crumbs? If that sounds all too familiar, then I can confirm that breaking up some of these breakfast biscuits to use as a makeshift breakfast topper works a charm!

Oats are naturally energising so make the perfect breakfast item, and these biscuits are packed full of them. Just add some fruit, yoghurt and cereal for the perfect and filling start to your day.

Nairn’s Apple and Cinnamon Chunky Biscuit Breaks will be available to buy in Morrison’s and Waitrose stores.

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