Nutri-Bombz review

The lovely people over at Nutri-Bombz kindly sent me a sample box of treats to try.  Read on to find out what I thought!

Nutri-Bombz are healthy cake bites that are gluten free, a source of protein and contain great healthy ingredients. They’re made from a combination of fruit and nuts, mixed with things like cinnamon, vanilla, seeds, ginger, nutmeg and loads more healthy herbs and spices.

They’re really versatile and can be used for snacks throughout the day, as a pre or post-gym energy hit or added to a meal.

In my sample box I got four flavours to try: Choccy Hazelnut, Coconut Light, Salted Caramel Light and Carrot and Walnut cake.


I liked all of the flavours but my favourite was definitely this Choccy Hazlenut number. I have a massive sweet tooth and basically have to resist the urge to eat my own body weight in chocolate on a daily basis.

This gave me a delicious chocolate hit without any of the refined sugar and general badness of normal chocolate. It tasted just like Nutella but with a lovely cakey consistency and a nutty crunch round the outside.

I had the last one of these before my Monday night HIIT class at the gym to give me a much needed energy boost!

I decided to get experimental with the Coconut Light bomb and added it to my usual breakfast of cereal, homemade gluten free granola and banana. This one tasted like a Bounty bar and it slipped seamlessly into my breakfast as an extra little treat.

The Salted Caramel Light option is covered in chia seeds and contains gluten free oats, giving it a really crunchy texture. Again the flavour was delicious and all of the ‘Light’ bombs are lower in calories for people watching their waistlines too!

I was slightly apprehensive about trying the Carrot and Walnut flavour as I’m not exactly a big fan of carrot cake (imagine Peter Kay’s ‘cheesecake’ reaction and you’re not far off my thoughts on carrot cake). However I needn’t have worried as it was just as delicious as the other flavours. It was quite cinnamon-y, and I like cinnamon, so it was another thumbs up from me.

It’s fair to say that I have been thoroughly converted to the ways of Nutri-Bombz and I’ll definitely order myself some more. I loved how they tasted like a really naughty treat and yet contained only healthy ingredients.

My sample pack contained four packs of three and they were demolished within a few days, which is about as good a recommendation as it gets!

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