Review: Good Full Stop bars

Looking for a healthy gluten free snack bar? Good Full Stop have got you covered.

The good people over at Good Full Stop kindly sent me a sample box of their fruit and nut bars to try, and it’s fair to say I was impressed!

Good Full Stop bars are packed full of natural ingredients and come in a range of exciting flavours.

They’re a source of natural fibre and even counts towards your five a day. What’s not to love really?!

I started off with a cheeky cherry and maple syrup bar. I’m a big fan of both cherries and maple syrup so this sounded like a winning combination. Holy moly I was not wrong! It tasted amazing and satisfied my sweet cravings.

Other highlights included a choc and orange flavour which I took out on a bike ride with me. It was a perfect pick me up as I was flagging halfway round, and sure enough it tasted just like chocolate orange.

For the more adventurous among us Good Full Stop also have these fiery chocolate and chilli flavours. I’ll be honest, the thought of chocolate and chilli together has never particularly appealed to me, but as is my duty as Coeliac Man I gave these a go. I was quite pleasantly surprised! They certainly deliver a kick but not overpoweringly so. Definitely one for all you chilli lovers.

Overall I loved the range. They’re a healthy way to satisfy those sweet cravings and there’s a really interesting mix of flavours to try.

Want to find out more or order some bars? Head to Good Full Stop’s website.

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