Review: Kernel Cobs 

If you’ve ever had the munchies down the pub, only to find that their bar snacks aren’t gluten free. Or if you’ve ever day dreamed about being a cowboy in the American West, then Kernel Cobs have developed just the snack for you.

Kernel Cobs are a roasted corn snack offering a less calorific alternative to peanuts. They’re crunchy and packed full of flavour. Currently they’re available in two different flavours: ranch smoked barbecue and firecracker chilli. They’re high in fibre and best of all are gluten free!


The Kernel Cobs team kindly sent me a sample pack to try out both flavours. I wasted no time in channeling my inner Clint Eastwood and busting open a pack of ranch smoked barbecue to nibble on as a post-work snack. They have a nice smokey taste and a great consistency. Nice and crunchy but not so much that you fear breaking your teeth. Certainly not bad or ugly, they were very good!


The firecracker chilli flavour do what they say on the pack and deliver a real spicy kick. These were probably my favourite and would be perfect with a glass of liqour down the saloon after a long day of cattle ranching, or whatever it is cowboys do.

It’s fair to say then that I’m a fan of these little corn numbers. I’d love to see them popping up behind bars around the country. Yee-ha!

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