Gluten free San Miguel comes to the UK

With the news today that Carlsberg are finally bringing gluten free San Miguel to the UK, I thought I’d share my thoughts having sampled the lager while on holiday.

Gluten free San Miguel has been available in Spain for a while now and I went full Brit abroad and picked up a couple of bottles to drink on the balcony in Lanzarote this summer.

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It has a sweet, fruity aroma with what I’d describe as a crisp, refreshing taste (I’m still getting used to beer lingo!) I was reliably informed by my non-coeliac travel partner that it tastes pretty much exactly the same as regular San Miguel.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t my absolute favourite of the gluten free lagers I’ve tried so far (that honour belongs to Peroni), but it was easy to drink and I think it could be a grower.

Anything that offers us coeliacs more choice on the supermarket shelves can only be a good thing. Here’s hoping the increased competition may also force prices down a little too.

Over in Spain single bottles of gluten free lager are readily available even in small supermarkets for less than €1 each. However in the UK a four-pack of gluten free lager often costs over £6.

Gluten free San Miguel will be available to buy in multi-packs of six 330ml bottles at Tesco in September.

I’ll definitely be picking up a pack to give it another try. Cheers!



    • Hi Stella, unfortunately I didn’t note down measurements but here’s the rough recipe:

      Gluten free rolled oats
      Flaked Almonds
      Melted coconut oil
      Maple syrup

      Line a baking tray with baking parchment and pre-heat oven to 180 degrees.
      Add oats, almonds and raisins to a large bowl and stir.
      Mix in coconut oil and syrup, keep adding and stirring until the mixture is covered.
      Poor mixture evenly into baking tray.
      Bake for around 30 minutes stirring regularly until you have a nice golden brown colour.


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